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How to solve the problem of easy blockage of cooling tower packing

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It is understood that the cooling tower packing often suffers from clogging during use. So how should we solve this situation? The technical personnel in the industry also gave corresponding suggestions.

How to solve the problem of easy blockage of cooling tower packing?

First, the quality of the incoming water should meet the water quality standards for circulating cooling water, and should not cause blockage of fillers and nozzles.

Second, improve the cooling tower packing structure. For example, the outside of the cooling tower packing structure is the atmosphere side, and the wall surface is covered with a fiber bundle structure. This structure increases the turbulence on the atmosphere side of the packing and improves the heat exchange efficiency of the cooling tower packing. In addition, the fiber bundle structure has the function of filtering impurities in the air, and can effectively isolate most of the dust and impurities in the external environment.

In addition, technicians reminded that in addition to correct cooling tower filling, for cooling towers with a relatively long service life, the dirt on the filling will often affect heat dissipation and cause the cooling tower to not refrigerate, affecting normal production. In order to reduce losses, users should clean the cooling tower regularly.

According to the industry, when the deposits cover the surface of the cooling tower filler, it will greatly reduce the heat exchange efficiency of the cooling tower, weaken the heat dissipation area, and increase energy consumption. At the same time, these deposits cover the heat exchange surface, preventing effective heat exchange of the equipment, and the filler is in a state of high temperature heat load for a long time, which leads to fatigue and reduces the service life of the equipment. Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean and maintain the cooling tower.

It should be noted that the cooling tower packing needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly after 4 years of use, which can ensure the normal operation of the cooling tower. The cooling tower packing will age as the use time becomes longer. Phenomenon, part of the filler has fallen off, causing the cooling tower's heat exchange capacity to drop greatly. To a certain extent, it affects the operating efficiency of the refrigeration unit, resulting in increased energy consumption and decreased uniform distribution of water, and it is easy to cause channeling and other phenomena. In addition, especially during the circulation process of cooling water, ash, falling rust slag, microorganisms and other debris will inevitably be generated, which will also accumulate and block the packing intermittently, and the cooling effect of the cooling tower will be significantly reduced. Therefore, replacing the packing is also a process of removing the blockage.

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