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Precautions for choosing cooling tower motor

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The cooling tower motor is a special motor for the cooling tower. It plays a key role in the operation of the cooling tower. The cooling tower motor runs for a long time in a high temperature and humid environment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the cooling tower, the cooling tower motor The requirements are relatively high.


(1) The cooling tower motor generally adopts a fully enclosed structure due to the particularity of the working environment, and the motor shell uses a reinforced heat dissipation structure. The anti-corrosion grade of the junction box of the motor in the special environment of high temperature and high corrosion is IP56, and the motor insulation grade is F and B temperature rise! Some cooling tower motors have built-in forced cooling fans. On the premise of generally meeting the above requirements, it should be noted that the motor with forced cooling fan is very easy to corrode in the humid and high temperature environment of the cooling tower. Once the cooling fan is damaged, the overall cooling performance of the motor will be reduced, which will reduce the working efficiency of the motor. . Therefore, in the case of countercurrent cooling towers, motors without cooling fans should be used first. However, when the cooling tower motor is installed outside the cooling tower fan, an additional protective auxiliary cover is usually selected to protect the cooling tower motor from the weather. Since it is installed outside the cooling tower, the operating environment of the motor is not so humid and high temperature compared to the inside of the cooling tower. It is more reliable to use a motor with a forced cooling fan. In this case, the cooling fan is not easy to be corroded, thereby improving the heat dissipation of the cooling tower motor and improving work efficiency!


(2) When using the cooling tower motor, pay attention to the altitude of the working environment of the motor. Cooling towers in high altitude areas must be equipped with high altitude motors. The height of the general cooling tower motor should not exceed 1000 meters. Therefore, motors higher than this height require additional options.

(3) Chemical, food and petroleum companies also have high requirements on the explosion-proof grade and corrosive gas of the motor due to the high temperature, high pressure, and high corrosion working environment; therefore, these need to be considered together when selecting the motor.


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