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Precautions for maintenance of cooling tower

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Precautions for maintenance of cooling tower

One. The residues in the cooling tower should be removed regularly to ensure that the water entering the tower is free of grease and other turbidity, otherwise, water treatment and purification equipment should be used.

two. For cooling towers that have not been used for a long time, the power supply should be cut off, the belts should be loosened, and the remaining water in the tower should be drained. At the same time, an outer cover should be added to prevent the entry of stolen goods and the sun and rain, which may cause the water tower to age.

three. The cooling effect of the cooling tower is affected by the amount of cooling water, the temperature of the inlet water, the local weather, and the environment. Care should be taken to make daily records of the changes in the above parameters.

four. When the cooling tower is in operation, it should be managed by someone, and the cause should be found out and eliminated in time if any problems are found.

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