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What are the daily maintenance of cooling tower motors

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The application range of cooling tower motors is becoming wider and wider. They are well-loved for their advantages such as easy use and doubling of workload. However, motors also require routine maintenance like other equipment. Let’s learn about the routine maintenance of motors below:

   1. Pay more attention to check the environmental conditions of the cooling tower motor at ordinary times to prevent it from running under the environmental conditions that exceed its allowable environmental conditions;

  2. Regularly check whether the terminals of the power distribution line are loose, whether the components in the cabinet have discoloration, burnt smell, overheating, etc., whether there are abnormal phenomena;

  3. Clean the dust of the starter regularly to avoid affecting heat dissipation, preventing damage to the cooling tower motor due to excessive temperature rise, and also avoiding leakage and short-circuit accidents caused by dust accumulation. Dust cleaning can be done with a dry brush, and can also be used for leather blowing and vacuum cleaner suction. For large pieces of dirt, an insulating rod can be used to remove the dirt;

  4. Pay more attention to the operation of the cooling tower motor at ordinary times. If the motor speed is slow or abnormal, it should be repaired in time, and the damaged motor should be replaced in time. If the soft starter is used without a motor, the thyristor will be damaged;

   5. If the motor is used in a humid environment or is prone to condensation, it should be dried frequently with an infrared bulb or a hair dryer to drive away moisture to avoid leakage or short circuit accidents.

With the improvement of production level, more and more people use cooling tower motors. For motors, their quality directly affects the working efficiency of the motors. Routine maintenance can make better use of the motors, thus giving full play to high efficiency.

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