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100 tons of cross-flow glass water cooling tower

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Cooling tower manufacturer direct supply, price concessions
  • The cooling tower has good packing performance and high cooling efficiency. The packing is thin film, and the protruding fine ripples make the water contact surface larger.
  • The counter-flow square cooling tower has higher cooling efficiency in the heat exchange process, and the water distribution system is not easy to be blocked.
  • Manufacturer factory direct sales, affordable
  • PVC is filled with resistance, heat dissipation is fast, and the cooling effect is good

Product Details

The cooling tower uses water as a medium to absorb heat from the water circulation system and discharge it into the atmosphere. It is a device to reduce the temperature of the water; its cold utilization water is in contact with the air and exchanges cold and heat to produce steam, and volatilizes heat to achieve the purpose of evaporation and heat dissipation. The principle of convective heat transfer and radiation heat transfer is to dissipate the waste heat generated in the industry or in refrigeration and air conditioning to reduce the water temperature. The evaporative heat dissipation device to ensure the normal operation of the system. The device is generally barrel-shaped or square-shaped, called "cooling Tower" or "cooling tower".

The square cross-flow cooling tower adopts the air intake on both sides, and the fans on the top make the air pass through the fillers on both sides of the tower to exchange medium with hot water, and the hot and humid air is discharged out of the tower. The packing adopts a point wave plate with bumps on both sides. The point wave plate is bonded into a whole through the mounting head to improve rigidity. The bumps on both sides can also avoid direct dripping, thus improving the water film forming ability. Water measures.

SRT series of square cross-flow cooling towers are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which not only ensures the strength of the tower but also reduces the weight of the tower, and is beautiful and generous.

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