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400 tons FRP cooler

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The water distribution system is smooth, the whole water distribution process does not require special requirements, and it is not easy to block.
  • Counter-flow circular cooling tower is easy to transport and assemble
  • Pure copper wire totally enclosed motor, stable speed and strong performance.
  • Factory direct supply, affordable
  • After-sales service is more guaranteed, worry-free use.

Product Details

Cooling tower technical parameters

   The design wet bulb temperature of the standard cooling water tower is 28℃. Generally speaking, the cooling water tower designed according to the wet bulb temperature of 27℃ can be used normally in the northern areas with good ventilation and no other special environment and microclimate, but it has been collected and cooled for many years. The feedback information of the operation effect of the water tower shows that in some southern areas in the hot and humid climate conditions or in some buildings with poor ventilation and easy to form a high-temperature environment microclimate, the cooling water tower designed according to the wet bulb 28℃ shows its excellent heat dissipation effect. And extraordinary resilience, to the project designer, installer and user confidence to rest assured.

    Tailing TL series cooling water towers have decided to adopt a temperature of 28℃ as the design working condition in constantly summing up experience and improving water tower technology to ensure the high quality of the water tower.

    Tailing TL series standard, low-noise and ultra-low-noise design conditions:

    Inlet water temperature 37℃ Outlet water temperature 32℃

    Wet bulb temperature 28℃ Dry bulb temperature 31.8℃

Parameters of 400 tons FRP cooling tower:

Flow rate: 312.12M3/H

Tower diameter: 5600MM

Tower height: 4550MM

Fan diameter: 2710MM

Water pressure: 36Kpa

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