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FRP cooling tower manufacturers can be customized by OEM

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The water distribution system is smooth, the whole water distribution process does not require special requirements, and it is not easy to block.
  • Factory direct sales, quality assurance
  • Good flame retardancy
  • Manufacturer factory direct sales, affordable
  • PVC is filled with resistance, heat dissipation is fast, and the cooling effect is good

Product Details

Dongguan Lingtian Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. Abbreviation:

Tailing Cooling Tower is the brand of Dongguan Lingtian Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. It has always maintained the purpose of maintaining high-quality products and perfect services. It specializes in the integration of research, production and sales of FRP cooling towers. It has an independently developed professional technical team, adopts advanced technology for the production of cooling tower fiberglass products from Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries, and uses superb processing technology and first-class processing technology to ensure good product quality, environmental protection and energy saving, and after-sales service guarantee. Product features: Complete design, sturdiness and durability. The cooling tower shell is made of high-quality and high-toughness glass fiber reinforced plastic. It has a beautiful appearance and can resist natural factors and chemical substances. All steel frames made of profiles are processed by hot-dip galvanizing. Reduce oxidation, more durable and prolong life. The heat dissipation material is made of high-quality PVC film, which is anticorrosive and durable. The film curve diagonal design effectively prolongs the contact and heat exchange between the circulating water and the cooling air in the tower body, so that the air flow in the tower body is smooth, reducing resistance, and reducing the loss of floating water. The lowest, and the fan adopts axial-flow arc-shaped blades, which is more stable when the fan is running and greatly improves the heat exchange effect of the cooling tower, thereby reducing noise.

One piece of cooling tower can also be OEM and customized.

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