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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Cooling tower manufacturer direct supply, price concessions
  • The cooling tower has good packing performance and high cooling efficiency. The packing is thin film, and the protruding fine ripples make the water contact surface larger.
  • High-quality fiberglass material, durable
  • Manufacturer factory direct sales, affordable
  • PVC is filled with resistance, heat dissipation is fast, and the cooling effect is good

Product Details

How the cooling tower works

           A cooling tower is a device that uses the contact of water and air to dissipate waste heat generated in industry or in refrigeration and air conditioning through evaporation. The basic principle of its work is: after the dry (low enthalpy) air is drawn by the fan, it enters the cooling tower from the air inlet network; the high temperature water molecules with high saturated steam partial pressure flow to the low pressure air, and the damp heat (high Enthalpy) water from the sowing system is sprinkled into the tower. When water droplets contact air, on the one hand, due to the direct heat transfer between the air and the air, on the other hand, due to the pressure difference between the surface of the water vapor and the air, evaporation occurs under the action of pressure, which brings the current latent heat of evaporation. The heat in the water is taken away, and the heat is transferred by evaporation, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling down.

Cooling tower technical parameters

   The design wet bulb temperature of the standard cooling water tower is 28℃. Generally speaking, the cooling water tower designed according to the wet bulb temperature of 27℃ can be used normally in the northern area with good ventilation and no other special environment and microclimate, but it has been collected and cooled for many years. The feedback information of the operation effect of the water tower shows that under the humid and hot climate conditions in some southern regions or in some buildings with poor ventilation and easy to form a high-temperature environment microclimate, the cooling water tower designed according to the wet bulb 28℃ shows its excellent heat dissipation effect. And extraordinary resilience, to the project designer, installer and user confidence.

    Tailing TL series cooling water towers have decided to adopt a temperature of 28℃ as the design working condition in constantly summing up experience and improving water tower technology to ensure the high quality of the water tower.

    Tailing TL series standard, low-noise and ultra-low-noise design conditions:

    Inlet water temperature 37℃ Outlet water temperature 32℃

    Wet bulb temperature 28℃ Dry bulb temperature 31.8℃

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